Idea2Parts understands that in the Aircraft / Aerospace / Aviation industry there are many parts and tools that are either discontinued or are just too expensive. So, let us design & prototype, your parts and equipment for your next aeronautics project.
We can produce prototypes to build gauges, jigs, fixtures, gears, tools, engine and turbine parts and/or interior cabin parts just to name a few. Even if you have an idea for a new tool or better design to introduce to the industry we can help you engineer and 3D print the design and create parts and/or files for you to present to investors and manufacturers.
The Aircraft industry requires parts meet the following production elements…

  • Lightweight
  • Cost Less
  • Tool-less Reproduction
  • Temperature Limitations
  • Tight Tolerances and more…

So, let Idea2Parts help you with getting the aerospace part(s) for your needs. Contact us today so we can help you design your part(s) cheaper, faster, and to specification.