Idea2Parts has the knowledge, and equipment to reverse engineer and 3D print your Automotive parts. From design & prototype, to final product we can produce many parts that may be discontinued or difficult to find, or may be even if you just need a custom part custom designed.
The Automotive industry has a clear necessity for quality reverse engineered products, simply because many parts are hard to find, discontinued, or just too expensive or just needs to be customized for your application. Due to rapid prototyping, quality reproduction methods, and technical innovations, automotive products can be individually or mass-produced to be lighter, stronger, safer, and with quicker turn-around times.
Automotive Industry Standards:
In general, the Auto part manufacturing industry requires automotive parts meet the following production elements:

  • Weight of the final part needs to be precise
  • Complex Geometries needed for specifications
  • Testing final parts Temperature limitations
  • Testing final parts Moisture limitations
  • Prototyping the final part for mass production if needed

Some of the prototyping and reverse engineering practices are already in use. SLS & SLA 3 D Printing offers much of what is needed to produce the best quality auto products, and are in most cases a lesser expensive process.
Car Components that can be created with 3D prototyping & reverse engineering include: Mounting brackets, bellow pieces, interior accessories, air ducts, handles, bezels, moldings, customized cosmetic components, heat resistant parts, housings, nonmetallic components, suspension, steering wheels, mirrors, tools, jigs, street-ready parts, just to name a few.
There are usually very few creation limitations when to what can be using 3D printing and prototyping auto parts created, and in many cases, we can offer Automotive Serial number & Custom reproduction of parts. We fully understand not every part can or should be 3D printed, in fact some just need to be made using other materials like steel, aluminum or even specialty plastics, so let us do the design work so you can take the proper 3D Modeling or build process files to your CNC shop or injection molding company.
Regardless if you need a single auto part or mass production Contact Us to scope your request and so we can provide you and your company with the best quality 3D auto part prototyping & reverse engineering.