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Things to Ponder Upon for Getting 3D Printing Service

3D printing is the process of a three-dimensional object by adding material or solid. It focuses on adding the material rather than taking away the material. 3D printing has made the best roles in the world of manufacturing. It is stated that 3D printing is known as evolving technology. 3D printers are released every year […]

Pros and Cons of 3d Printing in the Medical Field

3D printing has numerous capacities in an assortment of businesses, in any case, in the medicinal field it has four principle applications. Allie Nawrat discovered how this innovation could be utilized to supplant human organ transplants, accelerate surgeries, produce less expensive adaptations of required careful apparatuses, and improve the lives of those dependent on prosthetic […]

How Does 3D Printing Work? Your Guide to Understanding Our 3D Printing Services

3D printing has proven to be a beneficial technology in a variety of different fields. From aerospace applications to medical purposes 3D printing has revolutionized how they do things. In fact, 93% of companies that utilize 3D printing have a competitive edge–they’re able to successfully outrun others in production time. If you’ve ever seen an intricate 3D printed model, […]

Solve the Problem: The Unique Steps of the Engineering Design Process

Inventing something that works well is a tough task. Engineers follow several unique steps in the design of a product. In this article, you learn the engineering design process steps of creating a product and solving the problems along the way. The 11 Engineering Design Process Steps Whether you are building a Rub Goldberg machine or […]

About Reverse Engineering


If you understand Reverse Engineering then you understand the high value Reverse Engineering provides you and your project in saving money and time. If Reverse Engineering is a new term you have not heard of before then the following information will give you an overview of the true benefits of Reverse Engineering. Reverse engineering is […]

Our Services and Promise To You


Our mission….. Our focus….. Our purpose….. and Our promise is easy…… remove the obsticles that are holding you back. There are many obsticles: time, lack of proper tools, just to busy, need another hand, need 3D modeling design work, need reverse engineering scans or maybe you just need someone to talk to about how to […]

About 3d printing Reverse Engineering

In 2016 there were some great innovations in the 3D printing world.  As this industry grows and becomes a predominant resource in design and production, consumers and businesses will find less expensive and high quality reproductions of just about anything in the automotive, avionics, and medical device industries that can be reverse engineered.  Not to mention […]

Cutting Edge Engineering & Design

With the invent of 3D Printing comes SLA printing, and 3D fff printing to this wonderful world of engineering and design.  Does this all sound like a foreign language to you?  Not to worry. 3D SLA Printing is just “Stereolithograpghy” – laser design printing.  This is basically a rapid prototyping or rapid 3D production process.  It entails a […]

Pros & Cons

SLA Printing Pros – Accuracy, Design Flexibility is very good, Wide Range of resins standard, flexible, tough, castable high temp and many more, Final part can be use as actual assembly part in most cases SLA Printing Cons – Print size is smaller, Material costs are higher, Production speed is slower. FFF Printing Pros – Material costs low, […]