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Guide to Deciding on 3D Modeling Software

There’s a wide range of 3D modeling tools. How do you select which is best for your needs? There are a number of different factors at play, including: The skill of the designer; What’s being modeled or drafted; Your operating system; The output format you need; and Cost. Free Beginner Tools If you’re just starting […]

What to do When Your 3D Design Gets Stuck

Learning the basic steps of a new technology is difficult, but when you’re struggling with 3D design there are places to turn. As you learn, experienced designers and 3D printing services can make good guides and long-term connections in the industry. You should be willing to reach out for help when you get stuck. Truth be told everything is […]

The Differences Between Beginner, Commercial, and Industrial 3D Printing

When you’re getting started in 3D printing, don’t be afraid to experiment you really cannot break the 3D printer. You’ll only learn by taking chances so be brave, bold and fearless. Beginner 3D printing refers to hobbyists and describes how many people initially get into 3D printing as a business. They start as hobbyists who got in […]

The Future of 3D Printing

3D printing is being used in a host of new and different ways. The biggest change on the horizon will be the sheer number of different materials with which we can 3D print. The range of usable materials has increased every year. This lets us print greater and greater permutations of designs. It lets creators innovate in ways we’ve never seen before. As the capabilities of 3D printing expand, the only limitation seems to be an inventor’s creativity.