How to Design Parts for 3D Printing Using CAD? Everything You Need to Consider

3D printing is making its best and easy way across many industries and creating employment opportunities for professionals and experts with the best CAD training. If you wanted to create designs that help to make CAD designs reliable for 3D printing, then you need to focus on some steps related to how to design parts for 3d printing that are written below.

The 3d printing process is a process that helps to make a physical object from the 3D digital model. It is done by laying down many successive thin layers of the material. It helps to take a digital object into its physical form by the addition of layer by layer of resources and materials.

How do you 3d print a CAD file?

First, you need to open your AutoCAD file and choose the object you wanted to print. Then go for export. You have to save the file as .stl format. Then open MakerBot software and file your .stl file. Save your file properly. Furthermore, if you are already connected with a MakerBot printer, you can print it from there.

What is the Best CAD Program for 3d Printing?

CAD Software: this is the software that is used for designing something to be 3D printed. Whereas, the 3D design falls into 2 categories. One is CAD software and the second is 3D modeling software. The CAD software is used for creating and constructing objects such as mechanical objects. And the 3D modeling software agrees more artistic freedom where designs don’t work mechanically or functional.

The Best 3D Program for 3D Printing is as Follows 

TinkerCAD is an online 3D design app. FreeCAD is also a free parametric 3D modeling tool. BlocksCAD, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc are known to be the best programs for 3D printing.

Adjustments in CAD

You need to go for making necessary adjustments in CAD while before printing. Whereas, 3D CAD training is going to teach you to like how the shell or thickness of the wall of your model must meet the minimum requirements. Models whose shells or walls are too thin might break or couldn’t hold up during the printing process. It can cause errors in printing. It can be impossible in the printing process. It can be vulnerable to break during transportation.

Whereas, having large mass models that are connected with a thin stem can similar to breakage too. It is important to check that all the aspects of the model can maintain their weight. Another aspect of the design that must be checked before sending it to print is the movable parts. whereas, if your models contain chain links, cogs, or gears, make sure that these parts of the model result as a solid or non-moving object.

Send the CAD Design to the Printer

You will learn from the 3D printing curses is that this technology uses an additive manufacturing process. It seems that a solid object is created by adding material in layers. Furthermore, if we talk about subtractive manufacturing, it means that the object is constructed by cutting or machining raw material into the perfect desired shape.

The final step is the design phase. It allows you to select the material you would like your 3D printed object to be made from. You have the choice of using materials depending upon the printer and the model you are creating such as rubber, paper, plastic, metals, etc.


It is stated that CAD is the best program that is used for 3D printing. Cad is used to increase productivity; it helps the higher-quality designs. It is used to reuse and to change designs easily. It is easy to read. It is used for documenting the design and project. Furthermore, it is concluded that CAD is the best program or software used for designing different parts for 3D printing.


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