When Do You Need Part Design Services?

1. You have an idea that you need designed in 3D CAD so you can

a. 3D print the part
b. Have the part machined by a CNC shop
c. Or you need to have a mold made so you can have your part injection molded

2. Better protect your design by taking your 2D drawings or idea on paper and making them 3D CAD files
3. To see if your idea or product will work before you start manufacturing
4. To have a stress test done to better help you determine the best material to use
5. When you need a design file that needs to be emailed
6. When you need multiple file types of the same design. If you’re 3D printing your part you will need a .STL file. If you’re using a CNC shop you will need a .STEP file.

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What can Idea2Parts provide you?

We provide you peace of mind and a 3D CAD file you can use anywhere in the world. Whether you have your part made here in the US or overseas the files we provide you will work. If you need your part 3D printed our in-house printers will do the job.Need help getting your part manufactured we will connect you with the right companies and people so you can keep moving forward.

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