What Is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the process of duplicating an existing physical part, component or subassembly without the aid of drawings, documentation, computer model or 3D CAD drawing.

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When And Why Is Reverse Engineering Needed

1. The manufacturer no longer produces the part or product.
2. Inadequate or no documentation of the part or product design.
3. The manufacturer no longer exists, but a customer needs the part.
4. The part design documentation has been lost or never existed.
5. The part features need to be improved due to wear or breakage.
6. To strengthen the good features of a product based on long-term usage of the product.
7. To explore new avenues to improve product performance and features.
8. To gain competitive benchmarking methods to understand competitor’s products and develop better products.
9. The original CAD model is not adequate to support modifications or current manufacturing methods.
10. The original supplier is unable or unwilling to provide additional parts.
11. The original equipment manufacturers are either unwilling or unable to supply replacement parts, or demand inflated costs for sole-source parts.
12. To update obsolete materials or antiquated manufacturing processes with more current, less-expensive technologies.

If you find yourself in need or Reverse Engineering services give us a call. We’re here to remove the obstacles in your way. Our expert staff can explain our procedure and guide you through the process to get your part reverse engineered efficiently and accurately.

How Is A Part Reversed Engineered?

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Reverse Engineering Parts

Reverse engineered – part is analyzed and converted into segments

Reverse Engineering Parts Analizing converting segment

Part is created

Reverse Engineering Parts Created

Part is scanned

Reverse Engineering Scanning Parts

Part is imported into 3D CAD Software – can be converted into 3D Cad file for 3d Printing

Reverse Engineering Parts

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Tools We Use

Artec Space Spider Scanner – 3D Scanner Geomagic Design X 2019 – Reverse Engineering Software Solidworks Premium – 3D CAD Software

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