The Future of 3D Printing

3D printing is being used in a host of new and different ways. The biggest change on the horizon will be the sheer number of different materials with which we can 3D print. The range of usable materials has increased every year. This lets us print greater and greater permutations of designs. It lets creators innovate in ways we’ve never seen before. As the capabilities of 3D printing expand, the only limitation seems to be an inventor’s creativity:

1. Large-scale 3D printing is only increasing. Entire houses can be put together now via 3D printed sections. Other machines are being manufactured by massive 3D printing machines. This will doubtlessly serve to further automate industry everywhere. Where people can get ahead of this trend and take advantage of it, the possibilities of improving standards of living worldwide are endless.

2. Architecture and machines that might have once taken weeks to build now might take days – an economy that gets ahead of this and figures out how to utilize it for everyone would be remarkable. The flip side of this means that 3D design is a burgeoning industry with increasing opportunities. Get proficient at 3D design for 3D manufacturing and that’s a career with a potentially long lifespan.

3. One of the more recent breakthroughs is how to 3D print metals in an affordable way. This is called 3D metal manufacturing, or 3D metal printing. It can make production runs on metal objects and components without wasting the amount of metal that more traditional manufacturing uses.

4. Not even knitting is safe. To the bane of knitting circles everywhere, there’s even a 3D knitting machine now. It might be a stretch to include this in the future of 3D printing, but robotic looms take a design, use a material, and create a finished product in a broadly similar fashion to 3D printing. Japanese designers in particular have pioneered how to create intricately patterned textiles via 3D printing.

We don’t handle printing large scale aircraft parts yet or knitting clothing, but for the vast majority of your 3D design and 3D printing needs, we can help. From reverse engineering to 3D Design to 3D printing production runs, we can help you take your creativity and realize it in a finished product with ease.

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