What Is a Raft in 3D Printing and Why Is There a Need to Use One?

Many 3D printers have some problems with getting the right first layer. The layer doesn’t stick and has not good finish or if they are printing with things or materials like ABS, then warping or damaging fails the print. These problems are discouraging but they can be avoided with a simple fix. We are here going to discuss what is a raft in 3d printing and why there a need to use one as mentioned below.

3D printing raft is a horizontal web of filament that is deposited or placed directly on the build platform. Furthermore, upon this layer, the first layer of the print is placed. This is known as the handy way to get the first layer right and correct. It keeps the print stranded to the build platform. Whereas, rafts are used while working with ABS filament as it has more chances of damaging or warping. 3D printing rafts are important to use to avoid damaging or warping and to increase bed adhesion.

When RAFT is used?

The raft can be used for different reasons. It can be used for warping, poor bed adhesion, and tiny legs, etc.


what is a raft in 3d printing

Many other filaments are inclined to warping problems. To reduce this issue, we must need to use a heated bed and spread a sludge of acetone and ABS filament pieces. But still warping can occur. Whereas, if you wanted to reduce the warping issue completely, the other method is to 3D print a model with Raft that is going to be a great idea and perspective to achieve.

Poor Bed Adhesion

As the model is printed on top of it, the raft will begin the procedure of the first layer of the complete print. Some models may not have a complete flat sticking to the build platform but a raft is known to be a flat mesh on the build platform. This perfectly increases bed adhesion. Whereas, a 3D printing a raft also acts as a precaution in contradiction against the possible failure.

Tiny Legs

Some of the prints have some tiny features. So that these parts don’t have the strength to carry the load of the print. Hence when the contact area of those features is increased, it would help them bear the load of the print completely. It is recommended that a raft is used as a safety precaution against failure or disappointment.

What is the Purpose of a Raft in 3d Printing?

The raft has much adhesion and is primarily used with ABS to help with the bed adhesion. The raft is larger than the part and is used to stabilize the models with a pole or create a strong groundwork or foundation to build the upper layers of a model.

How Many Layers do You Need for a Raft?

The model will be printed on top of the layers so you need at least 2 to 3 layers. It is done to ensure or agree to a smooth surface. Raft base layers are known as the number of extra-thick layers that are located at the bottom of the raft. These layers are printed deliberately and are thick enough to confirm a bond that must be strong to the build platform.


It is stated that raft can be used in 3D printing because of its better performance. It helps to fewer and decreases the warping issues with materials like ABS. It helps to improve bed adhesion that has high chances of a successful print. It has consistent print output and has a stronger first layer. Hence it is recommended that raft must be used in 3D printing for its better qualities and performance.

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