What to do When Your 3D Design Gets Stuck

Learning the basic steps of a new technology is difficult, but when you’re struggling with 3D design there are places to turn. As you learn, experienced designers and 3D printing services can make good guides and long-term connections in the industry. You should be willing to reach out for help when you get stuck. Truth be told everything is easy if you know how to do it! If you are in need of a 3D design you have a few choices hire a qualified company, find a friend or relative who knows how to do 3D CAD designs or try and figure it out by watching videos and reading tutorials. All of these options are viable but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are ONLY a few advantages and disadvantages:

Hire a qualified company – Advantage part will be built to your specifications and ready to 3D Print. Disadvantage is the cost you will pay for getting it done correctly.

Hire a friend – Advantage “if” they are good at 3D CAD you can save money. Disadvantage they will have to find the time to get your design done between work time and family time.

Do it yourself – Advantage if you understand the software and 3D CAD design you are good to go. Disadvantage if you have never designed before then the learning curve is very steep and it will cost you time and in the end it will cost you more money.

Some of the first challenges you’ll meet are what to do when you’re at an impasse in your design. This is an age-old creative block, true of any industry where problems have to be solved.
This is a good place to have a partner, an experienced 3D design consultant who can help you forward in your idea. The most difficult part of the creative process can be troubleshooting. You most likely already know what you want your design to look like and how you want it to perform. The difficulties come after this. Often in the design process, you’ll have to work around a problem that crops up. Even tougher still, you may find you’ve accomplished all you set out to do…and because of this your design has to be streamlined. Features need to be cut back.

Sometimes it’s a matter of practicality. You’ve accomplished your design, but it’s more expensive to produce than you thought. How can you get a production run out the door affordably? This is where it’s key to develop a business relationship with an experienced 3D design consultant or 3D printing service. Different printers, printing techniques, materials, and design adjustments can be made in order to get your 3D printing project to come in under budget.

There’s always something an experienced eye can see, so don’t be afraid to ask for design assistance as you develop your product. Working on your own and getting your DIY business off the ground is praiseworthy, and part of this is recognizing when and where assistance can make your job easier.